Mission Statement

My mission is to explore the lives and experiences of firefighters in the quest to join their prestigious ranks.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The time is nigh!

For anyone living in the Greater Salt Lake Area and trying to become a firefighter, I have news. UFA will be hiring soon.


This is where you should be looking for the upcoming vacancy notification, all the information that you should need will be on that page so go check it out!  You won't be taking my spot, not without a fight, so bring it on.

I'm waiting on responses from two departments right now, Seattle and Phoenix, and it is really testing my patience.  Especially since I'm almost positive that I completely killed the test in Seattle.
I would love to work for Seattle fire department, they are well known for being on top of the changes in firefighting tactics and just being an all around very progressive department.

Phoenix is well known for a lot of the same reason, but Phoenix is just too hot of a place for me to want to live.  All that said, if I were to get a job offer from them I would certainly take it.

On top of all of this going on, I've been accepted into the UVU Paramedic Program and am slotted to start up in early January.

So really, the worst case scenario is that I just go on as planned into paramedic school.  Not a bad scenario. I am truly looking forward to what the world has in store for me.

This is what life looks like from the Captains seat.