Mission Statement

My mission is to explore the lives and experiences of firefighters in the quest to join their prestigious ranks.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Process

Right now I am getting ready for paramedic school but studying drug cards like crazy, waiting on UFA to let me know if I will be continuing the testing process with them.  Until then it's just business as usual.

As much as I would like to be done with school and just start working, this process is just not over until I have the job.  So it's just time to keep on going, continue and persevere.

Even if motivation is hard to come by.

Friday, 13 December 2013

UFA Test

Tomorrow is kind of a day that I have been anticipating for a while.  Unified Fire Authority is testing for entry level firefighter and paramedics... I'm not a religious man, but lets just say I am hoping for some good vibes tomorrow because I am a bit nervous.
This is UFA Station 117,
This is where I spent my internship this summer,
And this is where I reaffirmed that I want to be a firefighter. 

I've found my dream job, all I have to do is take it.  It's go time.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Why is the mustache is really cool?

The mustache has been deemed hipster, and cool these days. But why did it become cool again?

I feel like like it really took off in the 80's. 

 "Stay Classy"

 All along though there was a group of people who never gave up the mustache.

Firefighters, it is because of firefighters, pilots, and all the other bad-ass professions that will only allow their employees to have a mustache. While all the hippies in the 70's were growing these massive beards and growing their hair down to their knees, firefighters were rockin' the 'stache.  

There is a perfectly good reason why.

This is an Self Contained Breakthing Apparatus (SCBA) mask.
 This is the best pilot mask I could find.

These two masks have a very important use in common, they keep people alive.  They do it better when they have a solid seal on a face.  Now I can't speak for the pilot mask, but I know that the SCBA is positively pressurized so if you don't have a perfect seal on your face that you start losing air... and in a fire environment air is equivalent to being alive.  That is why you can't have any facial hair around the jaw line, and why pilots and firefighters rock mustaches.

It is no secret that people love firefighters, or idolize fighter pilots.

That, my friends, is why mustaches are cool.

I'll end on a joke that many of you have probably heard:
What do cops and firefighters have in common?
They all want to be firefighters. :)